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Custom map not loading correctly in Map Editor

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Created05.05.2015 02:51

James Mckroy (Unknown) 05.05.2015 03:01

I've downloaded a custom map for Farming Simulator 2015, the map has these custom gates which you need a certain mod to be able to open them but I can't get the mod working so I decided I'd just edit the map and remove them. How ever, when I import the map into Giants Editor 6.0.3 it's not looking correctly. This is what it looks like -

I've tried clicking buttons but nothing changes. I loaded up the default maps and it shows it like I'm in the game. The map works fine in game, just the problem with the gates. I've tried using older versions of the software program but it made no difference. Anyone any ideas? I want it show like I was in the game so I can then remove these objects.

James Biddulph (Unknown) 11.05.2015 11:26
If it is an older map then the new editor will not load corretc;ly, it will not show the terrain for a start. Also some mappers put in scripts that stop peolple editing or stealing their maps, this could be the case here, judging from your screenshot it is an older map either 2013 or 2011, it should open with an older version of GE though, if not then the map has been "protected" against editing in some way.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 11.05.2015 17:06

you can't protect your map with scripts.
The GIANTS Editor does not load scripts when opening an i3d file.

One trick of modders is to modify the camera so that you won't see anything initially.
But you can change that easily by creating a new camera and switching to it.


James Biddulph (Unknown) 11.05.2015 21:32
My mistake then, I have been given bum advise but the rest should be cosher enough as in the new editor will not load terrain from old maps.

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