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Trees foliage not rendering

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Created23.05.2015 18:58

Ted Fanning (wickedset) 23.05.2015 19:04
Hi, Has anyone any idea why my trees are gradually getting to the state of this Ash tree
Now the Oak trees are starting to go the same way.

The picture is in the editor and the game is the same sorry state.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 26.05.2015 07:41

that looks really weird.

You could try to re-import the tres from original map.

First export them (use the "export with files" option in the GIANTS Editor).
Then import them into your mod map.
Finally you can replace certain kind of objects with another one (CTRL + W)


Gonimy Vetrom (Vasilius) 27.05.2015 15:57
This manifested itself with other trees.

I decide to replace.

Ernie Richmond (Unknown) 30.08.2015 20:20
I have the exact same problem with the ash trees...
I tried removing all trees and re-importing from original map. They come into the editor looking just fine. I save the map, and then run the map in the game... they look bad again. When I go to the editor after running in game, they also look bad.

Did you ever figure out what was wrong?

Master Saygo (Unknown) 09.09.2015 22:36
I had this problem. Solved by placing trees in the games data folder: data\maps\models\natural\trees\
Put your entire export tree folder in there, including exported i3d file. Don't change anything in export folder. I have about 9 custom tree types that were showing strange textures ingame. This corrected it. Hope it works for you.
PS: After you move your export folder to new location you will have to delete and re-import with GE. Won't work otherwise.

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