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Importing FS11 buildings for FS15 doesn´t work

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Created18.06.2015 07:05

Meint Postma (Unknown) 18.06.2015 07:10
I want to make a Norwegian map for Farming Simulator 15, but when I load a few buildings of Farming Simulator 2011 (Norwegian sheds) It all works fine in the editor, all textures are in...

But when I load the map in the game (Farming Simulator 15) All the buildings show up in white colour (without textures)

I tried several things to change this, maybe it isn´t possible to use Fs2011 Buildings in Farming Simulator 15? But in the GIANTS editor all textures are fine..

Maybe I did something wrong by preparing the map?

My question is, is there a possibillity to get the textures in the FS15 game?

Kinds Regards,

Meint Postma

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 18.06.2015 08:03

please be so kind and try to search this forum for similar posts ...

This question has been answered several times.

In short form:
If an object appears white ingame it has been imported incorrectly (missing textures)


Meint Postma (Unknown) 18.06.2015 15:55
Hello Emil,

Thanks for the reply!

But Farming Sim 2011 buildings aren't a problem for the Farming Sim 15 game to import?

Because by my models are only .dds files and no i3d shapes file included..

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 19.06.2015 07:44

the .shapes file will be generated as soon as you save an i3d file with a new version of the GIANTS Editor.

The Editor should be able to open older files, as long as they do not make use of shaders (e.g. maps or vehicles) ;)


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