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waht optimal settings for water??

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Created20.06.2015 01:21

Ismael Artacho Angel (Unknown) 20.06.2015 01:23
Hi, I have two planes of water on my map, a river and a dam. The river does not look good, not like lowering or removing the fog, the dam water is crystal clear and I can not put a little foggy. They were at different heights, but with Freeze Transformation now are same heights.




James Biddulph (Unknown) 22.06.2015 10:07
Giants programed the game to take the attributes from the first waterplane, by this I mean it does not matter how big or small the waterplane it will appear throughout the map, and if you put a second in there then the attrributes from the first one is used. At least that is the way I see it, if I am wrong then Emil will correct me I am sure.

As for the foggy water I think if you select the waterplane and put in the user attribute Environment.onCreateWater as a callback then this will make the water foggy.

Ismael Artacho Angel (Unknown) 22.06.2015 16:28
I think that the script callback Environment.onCreateWater is for fillable tippers water. I will adjust the order of plans and try. Thank you.

Edit: as usual, it has not been affected by the order plans

James Biddulph (Unknown) 30.06.2015 09:23
Both the Main waterplane and the lunberyard waterplanes on the defaulkt map are at the same height, this is a limitation in the game at the moment, for fog and the trigger to work on both waterplanes they need to be at the same height, This was the reply sent to me by Emil


in the default map (Bjornholm) the objects 'waterPlaneMain' and 'waterPlaneLumberyard' are on the same height.

That's why they both work as a trigger for drowning vehicles and that's also the reason why they appear foggy.
The problem with the fog is that it is limited by a heigth value, namly the height of the plane which uses the onCreateWater.

So, currently it seems that we do not support a 'fog in a box', that's what you would need for 'a small lake in the mountains'.

Sorry that I can't help more.

One thing you could try is to use an older shader from an earlier version of FS which might give a better result in your desired case.
But you would have to adjust the shader to FS15 ;)


Hope Emil does not mind me putting this here.

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