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Created18.07.2015 11:47

Tony Price (brownthumb) 18.07.2015 11:51
what's with the big red warning page that says that the site contains harmfull programs when i click on the download page?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 20.07.2015 08:07

we do not have any 'big red warning page'.

This is probably introduced by your anti virus program or by some actual virus / malware on your PC.

You can be assured that our programs do not contain any malicious code.

So, it seems that some part of the software on your PC is playing tricks on you.

Please try to scan your complete PC with your actual and a different anti virus program.
Eventually a tool like ccleaner could help further.
In any case ... you could contact the manufacturer of your anti virus software and report them your issue.


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