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Created31.07.2015 10:33

Juuso Korsimo (Unknown) 31.07.2015 10:34
So im having problems with my cow NavMesh: Warning: Splittable meshes need to be closed 'fence02'. I have set radius to 1.2 so Im not sure what im doing wrong.

Master Saygo (Unknown) 03.08.2015 04:29
Can u possibly give more detail 2 problem or a post a screenshot. Sounds like 2 mesh trying 2 connect at a point where you have not included (white area). The Giants NavMesh is quite simple to use, compared with the creation kit used to edit TES. Not many mistakes u can make. Just paint the area you want and hit recreate. The only thing u need to check is no terrain angle is +\ - 45* angle. And don't forget to set tree and rock shape in pasture for cows. But as for your issue, more detail is needed to resolve.

Juuso Korsimo (Unknown) 07.08.2015 20:06
Im not sure if it is the stable that does not have the mask set cause otherwise the navmesh would be on roof of the stable. Here are some pictures tell me if you want some from different angles or something.

Sorry for the late answer.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 11.08.2015 09:28

not sure if it could resolve your problem, but it is not a good idea to split the husbandry.
The husbandry should be "in one piece".


Juuso Korsimo (Unknown) 11.08.2015 18:17
Thanks Emil for the answer, but Im not sure what you meant by splitting?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 12.08.2015 08:12

in the posted image it looks like the husbandry was splitted, meaning it has two areas.
Is that correct? Or is it another husbandry (sheep, chicken) which is visible in the image?


Master Saygo (Unknown) 12.08.2015 08:28
He means having 2 separate, not connected NevMesh of same animal NavMesh. There can only be one continuously connected NavMesh per animal type.
Just looked at your pics. If that NavMesh is set correctly for cows and you don't have a separated cow NavMesh on map, then your fine. As for the error. Ignore it. You will see those often. I've yet to see any adverse affect from them. If you place a rock in there, you'll get same error for rock. Animals will only go where there is NavMesh for them. Fences are for eye candy only. And unlike some other mod editors, the GE places NavMesh on ground surface only. You will never see NevMesh on roofs. Unless you change angle attributes so it can go up walls, which you can. Then you might find your cows walking on the roof. :]

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