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windows 10 update for giants editor

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Created17.08.2015 16:49

Lance Helps (Unknown) 17.08.2015 16:51
my giants editor was working fine with windows 8.1 now Ive updated to windows 10 now giants editor dosent work at all keeps there an update to solve this problem?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 18.08.2015 07:49

as far as I know we did not yet test Win10.

Please try the normal advices:
- update drivers of graphics card
- re install GIANTS Editor

If the error remains, please have a look at the log.txt of the GIANTS Editor, check it for error messages and eventually post it here.


Master Saygo (Unknown) 19.08.2015 13:42
I'm running windows 7x64pro and windows 10x64pro. On my windows 10 system I have to run GE in compatability mode. I believe the issue is with the new hard drive format. Windows 10 doesn't use NTFS format. Have same issues with other program. Do as Emil says, update drivers and reinstall GE. I'm not sure what version of windows 10 your running, but check to see if it allows compatibility mode. If so, then run in compatibility mode. I run it in windows 7 compatibility mode. Though most of time I'm still booting into windows 7, so no issues there. Hope this helps.

Frank Leeskay (bulicious) 08.09.2015 18:26
for me the compatability mode (win 7) helped a lot. BUT(!) the perfomance with win10 is very low.

tested both version with win10 - 32/64bit version of editor.

the 64version in compatability mode still crashing - only the 32bit version works

please fix it! :-)

Gaby Gaby (Unknown) 08.09.2015 22:37
I have to agree with frank, Giants need to test the editor in house on Windows 10 especially the 64 bit version of the editor.

Only the 32-bit editor works for me.

No updates or a new version of the editor since December 2014, are we going to see a 6.0.4 version in the future?

Yannik Zausig (Unknown) 09.09.2015 14:58
Sorry, but I think Windows 10 isn't a good workspace for programming. It's just too technically oriented on smartphones and tablets. I think it isn't as good as Microsoft promised. I tried it for one day and made a rollback to Win 7. It's just the better Windows...


Ron Smith (pasnthru99) 09.09.2015 16:44
Why would you expect Giants to fix this? (it's not there fault) Win 10 is still in developer mode, duh

Master Saygo (Unknown) 09.09.2015 22:42
windows is always in developer mode. Finished to them means they added all the eye candy and now it's time for the general public to beta test it for them.

Ron Smith (pasnthru99) 18.09.2015 17:29
lol, yep now we know why it was Free!

Tadej Gamer (Unknown) 25.06.2018 13:52
Hello. I faund how to fix GIANTS EDITOR DONT OPEN MAP I have enaught problem my GE open a mod only not open a map. I search for my computer i creat right click and look for properties and open then you see in left side a DEVICE MANAGER and create a left clik search for DISK DRIVERS click arrow click one of this when you click arrow create right click and click properties click DRIVER, then click UPDATE DRIVER then click SERCH AUTOMATICALLY FOR UPDATE DRIVER SOFTWERE, he searching for updates he don't faund update when he end searching click SERCH FOR UPDATED DRIVERS ON WINDOWS UPDATE then click UPDATE he give you error massage click again and you get started update when update is ended go and look if Giants editor working for you. This method working for me in windovs 10 pro.

Jesse Stoltzfus (cackleberry) 23.05.2020 02:34
It really needs to be updated. Windows 10 still isn't compatible??

thewolfkillr 30.05.2020 21:50
can confirm the issue was you need to select open mod not open

Sam Dhondt (samdhondt) 23.06.2020 12:46
weet iemand waarom ik het giants ediotor altijd word gesloten als ik het wil openen?

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