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WaterPlane - Position Reset Issue

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Created19.08.2015 08:38

Steffen Wae (Unknown) 19.08.2015 08:44

I've tried different Waterplanes, all seem the same. When I first created the map, I lowered the whole map down a little, so I could get higher mountains and stuff. But now, apparently the Waterplane reset it's position everytime I load the map into GE.


I lower the Waterplane, then export the map as usual, test the map in FS, exit and go back into GE and Waterplane have been reset to It's original cords ( Y: 69.84 ). The position it's supposed to be at is Y: 55.992.

Any clue why it keeps reseting itself around 10 meters up ? Buggy WP or some adjustments in GE i gotta do?


Ron Smith (pasnthru99) 09.09.2015 16:55
the reason is you have more than one water plane, both water planes in the map have to be set at the same height, hope that helps.

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