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Created10.09.2015 02:03

Master Saygo (Unknown) 10.09.2015 02:17
Here's proof that the editor doesn't always know how to correctly read files.!3w1wwJDQ!B24Ic9ltpnr2mYUyRt0F5WmcXb-VpOeQu9vAN5SCfiE

The picture at bottom shows warning relation to file format stating it is in png raw format. Above the warning you see that folder is open to exact location of files in ?. Their clearly DDS not PNG. And they are identical to game date files. So if the editor is reading DDS files as PNG. What other errors or warnings do we ignore? I do know that when extracting selection with files is used the editor will often miss needed files. So when doing an extract check all files and if any are missing just copy paste them into appropriate place. Just another example of editor inconsistency.

They say a program is only as intelligent as the person who programmed it.

Bernard Chazot (BernardC) 10.09.2015 16:55
i had a serious look at your pic and when you say your 6 textures are identical you're wrong....

3 of them has been tweaked, edited or converted some way they don't have the same date and same size than original files
maize_diffuse, rape_diffuse, wheatBarley_diffuse are very much bigger than original ones

and bad luck they are those which get warnings in your GE

so in my opinion your proof prooves nothing

Master Saygo (Unknown) 10.09.2015 23:29
Here's a pic of both folders open. Date, type, and size ARE identical.!SwEjEapI!2V3V-W5nYamMEQdIT9ERNjMCQ3JIEJerYPKb5LSTKT0
And the original point is DDS is not PNG. Not even close.
The size and date are not the issue.

Bernard Chazot (BernardC) 11.09.2015 10:50
totally amazing so i go on to say the date and the size are the issue and among your textures 3 are not the original ones, and have been badly modified or converted where the 3 GE warnings come from

here are the original ones:

did you install one of these textures pack which modified the original textures, i never modify anything in original games.

the original point is what the texture file has been named in your map i3d file for instance :

<File fileId="72" filename="foliage/maize_diffuse.png" relativePath="true"/>

and though it' s named with a .png extension the game and the editor loads a .dds if any

you can simply verify just looking at a moddesc.xml where you can see store icons are said to be png and are dds

Master Saygo (Unknown) 12.09.2015 00:45
so what your saying is windows is showing them as a dds, but their actually png. And the editor is right and windows and Photoshop are wrong. NOT. I opened one in Photoshop and immediately the nVidia plug in came up. so these textures are DDS and NOT PNG. If they were png Photoshop would have opened them without the nVidia plug in. The plug in is for DDS only. So again the issue is format, modification and date have nothing to do with format. The editor is reading them as a format other than what they actually are. I do know the different formats., since I work in the graphics industry, and have been in said industry since 1986. And windows would not be showing them as a dds if they were a png. The first image I posted was from my maps foliage folder, not the games data folder. The second is both the map folder and game data folder. And windows clearly shows both as dds, not png. So in summary, both windows and Photoshop say they are DDS, so that is what they are. and modification and date change do not change format. Unless the modification was to format. Then windows and Photoshop would show it as the new format.

Bernard Chazot (BernardC) 12.09.2015 08:57
1 i never said your textures were not dds, but i tried to explain to you how the textures are named in an i3d first
2 it exists tenths of dds format, some are raw files when indexed to a palette

3 the 3 textures you' ve problems are not the original ones though you said they were

4 yesterday i had a look on Internet to find some foliage textures package and look what i found

the 3 textures , same size, only 1 day different date for 2 of them ( perhaps you got a former verswion..)

5 among the lots of dds different formats GE and the Game too use only 3 formats that are DXT1, DXT3 DXT5 with or without mipmaps

these 3 textures are not in correct format for they are A8R8G8B8 which is a palet indexed format, so exactly a raw format and the warnings of GE are totally right and i believable

each time i got warnings about raw format or size warnings ( not ^2 on mods i dowloaded, they were right

Master Saygo (Unknown) 13.09.2015 09:10
So it's not the format, but the settings used for that format. I will open them again in Photoshop and check the image settings and the save setting. I'll set them to what you list above, and see what happens. But what I still do not understand is why the editor says their PNG. That is a totally different format. But it if they were PNG, then saying their in raw format would be correct. As for textures being original, I can only say that to the best of my memory (which isn't the greatest), I don't remember ever changing the data folder, but maybe when I first got the game accidently copied files to data folder. Going to do an uninstall and reinstall game. Then I'll know for sure. This was a direct purchase, not steam version. Once I do a reinstall, then I'll examine these textures more closely. Will let you know the results I find. In either case, will be replacing textures in mod with what gets downloaded from reinstall. Only put them in there in event I release this map. Will let you know.

Bernard Chazot (BernardC) 13.09.2015 12:43
ok, better understanding now, what you should do now....

If you don't have WTV try to get it on Nvidia site, same place you get Photoshop plugins. WTV is not an editor but a viewer only. i use it since Microsoft used dds format in Flight Simulator. WTV will give you good informations about picture siize, dds format, number of mipmaps in the pictures so if the picture is not the right format you can try to convert it in your paint program choosing yourself the right format for example DXT1, DXT 3 or DXT 5, and you can choose numbers of mipmaps too..

About naming i pasted you that line:
<File fileId="72" filename="foliage/maize_diffuse.png" relativePath="true"/> this is the way the texture is named in the Bjornholm map and almost textures are named .png though they are dds, but in fact the GE and the game read the texture header in the file, not the extension, so in texture header they can quickly verify if the format is raw, or size incorrect. only the error message they read the full name in i3d

Master Saygo (Unknown) 13.09.2015 23:13
So, once I verify that the format seetings are correct. Should I change the files from PNG extension to correct DDS extension? Or will this confuse the editor or game engine. Example: map_preview.png ->
also <File fileId="72" filename="foliage/maize_diffuse.png" relativePath="true"/> TO <File fileId="72" filename="foliage/" relativePath="true"/>

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 14.09.2015 08:27

no, you don't need to adjust the filename extension.

GIANTS editor and FS always try to load a .dds file first and only if such a file does not exist they try to load .png file.


Master Saygo (Unknown) 18.09.2015 05:43
Update: Did clean reinstall of game. Check foilage folder, and yes, the files I had were modified, not by me. Don't remember replacing them, must have been when first got game. So replace the ones in my map also. I did open one of them and verified the settings were not correct, compared them to setting in the original file from clean install. Relaunched the GE. No warning now. So setting was the issue, not format. The GE was calling it a PNG because the DDS settings were wrong. I do no that formats have different settings. Sometimes the obvious is the last thing thought of. Thanks for all the input. Now I'm a little less confused, though confused is a normal state of mind for me. Everybody enjoy the game. Problem Solved.

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