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extreme FPS drops in wheat and barley fields

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Created08.10.2015 18:53

Meint Postma (Unknown) 08.10.2015 18:59
Hello community,

On my new map I have extreme FPS drops in wheat and barley fields..

Does anyone know an solution for it? because its very frustrating. In the wheat and barley fields i'm playing like 30 FPS..

I tried a lot off things to fix it. None off them with success..

There are no errors in the log! Thats also the reason why I think its strange..

If there are some people who know a solution for it. I will aprecciate that!


Bjørn Magne Olsby (Olsbyn) 09.10.2015 18:24
Probably a custom texture, either replace it with the original, or do this, you will need "": Unzip the map to a folder on you desktop, locate "", usually found in in map/foliage.
Open the texture in "", click "File", then "save", there should now be a pop-up where you can choose settings. First choose the "DXT3" format in the fall-down menu in the pop-menu, you also need to have these parameters selected: "Cluster fit", "Perceptual", "Generate Mip Maps", and in the bottom fall-down menu choose "Super sampling" and click Ok.
Now you can re-zip the map and put it back in your mods folder, be sure that the new zip has the same name as the one you extracted.

Meint Postma (Unknown) 09.10.2015 23:20
Hello Bjørn,
I replaced the whole texture with the original.. But it keeps on lagging. The only thing I can do is play on medium settings then everything is OK. But all other maps are running on 60 fps by me..
Maybe I have to much grass, weeds and flowers on a specific place ..? Maybe that's the reason why it's lagging? For the rest the whole log is clean.. The lag is on a very specific place.. Not all over the map.. It's only in the wheat and barley fields..

By the way, the map that I'm making is southwestnorway (Southern Norway). I think I know you from facebook ;)


Meint Postma (Unknown) 16.10.2015 17:01
The problem is fixed! The problem was by numBlocksPerUnit this number was to high, that was the causing off the lag!

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