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Created19.10.2015 21:38

Phil Good (Unknown) 19.10.2015 22:04

So a couple of weeks ago I decided to start mucking around with creating my own map for Farming Simulator 15 in anticipation of the upcoming Gold Edition / Official Expansion release, and even though there was somewhat of a hurdle to overcome in the beginning I've been managing just fine so far.

Initially I had about a ton of questions I could've posted about here, but I've slowly been able to work out most of them on my own by just experimenting and thinking logically about it, so now I only have about half a ton of questions left, and that's where you guys come in (or where Emil comes in, judging by rest of the threads on here).

As you might've noticed from the topic, this thread is regarding ground textures, but not how to install them, 'cause I found a handy little guide ( on how to do just that. My question is more of a what-does-this-and-that-mean-and-do.

To take an example;
If you open map01.i3d in a text editor, and scroll down to the layers section, you'll find something like this:
<Layer name="asphalt" detailMapId="26" normalMapId="27" unitSize="16" weightMapId="24" distanceMapId="25" distanceMapUnitSize="128" attributes="0.408 0.412 0.4 0" priority="6"/>

And my question regarding this is simple; what does "unitSize", "distanceMapUnitSize", "attributes", and "priority" mean and/or do?

Thanks in advance for all help/replies, and my apology for the somewhat lengthy post.

- Steuermann

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 05.11.2015 16:33

welcome a board :)

"unitSize" is the area which is used for showing the texture once. Hence smaller values (e.g. 8) will lead to more repitions of that texture

"distanceMapUnitSize" see above, but only for the "far" distance texture

"attributes" is the color used for "really very distances"

"priority" has something to do with the shader which blends different textures

All answers without any guarantee of correctness ... I'm still trying to get rid of my jetlag ;)
Just give it a try :)


Phil Good (Unknown) 07.11.2015 13:30
Ah, you came to the rescue after all, I was starting to worry that my inquiries would remain quiries.

But anyways, they all do pretty much what I had an hunch about, but I'm definitely gonna have to experiment a little when I get the time and then most likely post some follow-up questions.

Thanks for the reply, and happy jetlagging!

- Steuermann

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