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Giants Editor 5.5.2 download please

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Created29.10.2015 18:01

Iam Lucif3r (Unknown) 29.10.2015 18:05
Hello GDN and community,
Recently stated playing Farming Simulator 2013 again, i wanted to edit the map but i am unable to with the shipped editor that came with the game. I like many other would like a download for GE 5.5.2. It would be much appreciated. For the record i would play FS15 but can afford it so i have toy use what i got.

Max Spatz (Unknown) 29.10.2015 18:16
Search at google for "giants editor 5.5.2 download" and you will find many (trustworthy) sources to download.

Iam Lucif3r (Unknown) 29.10.2015 18:29
I could do that but i would rather have a trusted download from GDN, but if GDN isnt willing to provide a download the i will search for one.

Invalid Name (Unknown) 19.03.2016 02:12
I agree and am looking for a 5.5.2 download as well. Was this issue resolved?

Oroszlan Benjamin (benjamin_238) 19.02.2023 23:51

Oroszlan Benjamin (benjamin_238) 19.02.2023 23:51

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