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Failed to save map

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Created31.12.2015 10:09

Kieran Mccrudden (Unknown) 31.12.2015 10:12
Hi there please help,

i am trying to save a map i can work well with the Editor never had a problem i made the map but went to edit it to make new "updates" and everytime i try to save it just crashes on my and stops working
i have also tried changing folder permissions and even running the Editor in Administration mode but the same problem is occuring

i have looked at past threads like to uninstall and re install (also deleting from the App data folder) but it does not seem to work

any help would be great help

Kieran Mccrudden (Unknown) 31.12.2015 10:21
CLOSED TOPIC: i figured out the problem

Adam Macintyre (Unknown) 02.01.2016 19:41
i have the same problem what was your solution

thanks adam

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