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Proper definitions of fields

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Created08.01.2016 08:51

Tomas Bet (Unknown) 08.01.2016 09:32

I've studied some tutorials as well as original maps, and can't finally figure out what the definitions of fields are.
I have two suppositions:
1. On original maps it looks, like definition of field consist of rectangles defined by only two sides composed from three vertex, where first with second vertex make first side, and second with third make second side. Such rectangles should cover whole field without overlapping (?)
2. Definition is set of borders with two dimensions; length stretching with border of painted field and width defining area perpendicularly to the border but not going beyond the border of field from the other side of field.

However I feel that these thought are not accurate, and have some questions:
1. Can defined rectangular overlap each other?
2. Does definition of border have to be continuous, for example first vertex of second rectangular have to have the same coordinates as second vertex (the middle one) of first rectangular?
3. Does the single border (rectangular) have to be rectangular (containing right angle on the second vertex) or it can be parallelogram?
4. Each vertex of each border (rectangular) have to be placed on the surface of the field, for example with interactive placement tool, right?
5. How about fields with round corners?


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 08.01.2016 15:10

here's a more general answer, but if any questions remain please feel free to ask again.

The field dimensions are defined as parallelograms.

So for the field you have at least one defintion like:
+ corner01_1

corner01_2 (first child) is the start point of the parallelogramm
corner01_1 (root element) is a transformgroup which is used to calculate the the width or height (first dimension)
corner01_3 (second child) is a transformgroup which is used to calculate the size of the remaining dimension

The field dimensions can overlap.

You can set the transformgroups to ground level (height of terrain) but you don't need to.

Hope that information helps.


Tiago Piloneto (Tiago_Piloneto) 19.01.2017 14:10
/ \
| |
| |


Tiago Piloneto (Tiago_Piloneto) 19.01.2017 14:32

John Hoinski (JohnHoinski) 29.01.2017 15:39
Are there any limits as to how many Sets of corners you can use to define one field?

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