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can we have a FULL tutorial for animations

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Created03.02.2016 06:35

Koji Forgdn (Tojiro) 03.02.2016 07:14
i am not very good in english so excuse me if i do some mistakes

i have read many post about the animations but i am totally lost, i know i can use 2 ways for animation, xml and 3d program, (the 2nd interst me) so:

1- I followed the tutorial but it stop when the difficulties begin:
-creat the anim with maya --- OK
-animation work on giant editor ( yellow part) ----- OK
-but after ???
what the exact code or script i must take and where put it ?? xml, lua, other ???

2 - it is the same way for i3d object animated on a "samplemodmap" and a "animated mod" or are there differences ???

3 - can i have a textual exemple for differences between:
a - animation who will be lunch a the begin of the game ans play infinity (loop)
b - animation who will play with "press buton" and play entirely
c - animation who will play with "ontriggerenter"
d - animation who is control with mouse for exemple

4 - is there a script to play multiple animations on the same object at random loop ???

sorry if it's not very clear, but, i have so many questions...

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 03.02.2016 08:31

let's see if I can answer your questions.

1) you have to add the animation to the xml file, that's correct.
e.g. the foldable script/specialization supports that type of animation (starting at line 109)

So, we only use that kind of animations for the rotating parts in windrowers.
Actually, that kind of animation can be considered somehow unflexible and we always recommend the xml animation.

2) If you want to animate some stuff in a "mod map" you have to take a different approach.
Evenetually the following mod might be the right thing for you: MapDoorTrigger

3) What you ask here are several different ways of playing/controling an animation.
By default we do not support all of them.
In the end you would have to find a default vehicle which comes as close as possible to what you want.

4) No

Depending on what you want to do, you might really need a custom script.


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