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Editor 6.0.5 custommap not saving

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Created18.02.2016 20:48

Todd Hundersmarck (ThundR75) 18.02.2016 20:57

I'm having a problems saving particle systems with Giants Editor 6.0.5. Everything is fine when I load an i3d (i.e. rsmNiva.i3d), but when I save and reload it, even if I made no changes, the particle textures are only half there. I looked for any differences between old and new i3d files and I found that the following line had been removed from every material:

<Custommap name="fadeMask" wrap="false" fileId="3"/>

If I re-add that line to the corresponding materials via text editor, they appear again as normal in game and in the editor. But, as soon as I save again from within Giants Editor, it again removes the above line from all materials, screwing them up again.

Anyone else having this issue, or know of a workaround other than having to manually add the line via text editor every time I save?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 19.02.2016 08:27

I could reproduce that issue and a colleague will take care of the problem.

Thanks for reporting!


Todd Hundersmarck (ThundR75) 20.02.2016 13:19

Thomas Pflug (Locke_SB) 01.03.2016 19:07
<File fileId="5" filename="fx_mask01_diffuse.png" relativePath="true"/>
<Custommap name="fadeMask" wrap="false" fileId="5"/>

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