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GE makes gitches while editing a map

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Created02.04.2016 09:28

Keegan Leach (keeganleach) 02.04.2016 09:30
What does it mean when you are editing a map 16x big and the terrain is disappearing as you are editing the map? Is that my graphics card saying I am doing to much? I have a friend who also says on his high end gaming laptop it does the same thing. Is there something we can do to fix this? It is very irritating when I am trying to add fields and I can't move the camera without the terrain disappearing. Thanks.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 04.04.2016 06:44

nope you're doing nothign wrong, just missing something ;)
Please see this post:
Well, it's in German but I hope nonetheless that you understand what needs to be adjusted in your map.


Keegan Leach (keeganleach) 04.04.2016 20:47 Here is excatly what I am talking about.

Albert Sanchez (MicroDefender) 13.04.2016 18:27
What Emil Drefers posted was the script you need to add to GE in order to edit a 16x map which you would need to run each time you open the to edit it.

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