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"Beskidy" map keeps loading in game after minor edit in Giants Editor

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Created23.05.2016 11:26

Niklas Skræddergaard (Unknown) 23.05.2016 11:30
I've downloaded Beskidy map v3, and it all works fine. Can't really seem to find a decent download for the v4 which show up in game, so I tried fixing the only error I could find while playing this map.

There's a few gates that can't open at the entrance to every farm, what I did was open the i3d file from the Beskidy map, locate the gates, rotate them, save the i3d file and replacing the existing one, dragging it into the zip folder and replacing the old one in the zip, load the game, find the map and creating a new career save-game.

Then the game keeps loading without doing anything, and the [ Start ] button doesn't show up, even after waiting for a long time.

Here's the log:

Error: Failed to open xml file E:/Dokumenter (stor)/My Games/FarmingSimulator2013/mods/MODS/modDesc.xml'
Reason for that error is because I have taken all my other mods and placed it in a folder called MODS within the mods folder, trying to isolate the problem.

Any help is appreciated, since I've never worked with this editor, and have only tried opening the gates with it in this map.


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.05.2016 07:20

if the gates do not open, it is very likely that you are missing a mod.
MapDoorTrigger or MapAnimationTrigger or ...

The pasted error can be discarded, because it only says that this folder has no valid 'structure for a mod'

There is another way how you can change between two (or more) sets of mods.
In the file "gameSettings.xml" you can adjust the "modsDirectoryOverride" attribute.
<modsDirectoryOverride active="true" directory="C:/Users/username/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods_testing" />


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