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Increasing Clip Disatnace

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Created05.06.2016 07:19

Zach Edwards (Unknown) 05.06.2016 07:21
Hi, I'm just starting out building my map so i'm in the process of putting in fields and roads and I have to zoom incredibly far in to see where I painted my textures on. I would like to zoom all the way out (or at least far enough to be able to see a couple of fields at once) but I can't figure out how. I don't need to change the clip distance in game that's not what I'm after, just in Giants editor. Thanks!

Ismael A. (Unknown) 05.06.2016 20:24
Hi, you need save the map, exit giants editor and reopen the map with giants editor for see fully.

Zach Edwards (Unknown) 07.06.2016 23:25
Ok so do you mean I need to save the edited I3d file, exit giants, and reopen it? Or fully export the map and in-game it, exit giants, and then reopen it? Thanks!

Ismael A. (Unknown) 08.06.2016 17:51
the first, save the edited i3d file, exit giants editor and reopen it with giants editor.

Zach Edwards (Unknown) 11.06.2016 03:06
Thanks again for the response I appreciate it! It still didn't work however. Got anything else?

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