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Giants Editor crashing when saving map

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Created30.06.2016 13:14

Mark Wheeler (Unknown) 30.06.2016 13:15
When I try and save a map which I have edited on the Giants Editor, it keeps crashing and wont allow me to save the file. Please help. Thanks

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 01.07.2016 07:30

what did you change in the map before you want to save it?

Does it also crash if you don't change anything?
In this case please check which location you are trying to save to and if you have permission to edit/save files in this location


Mark Wheeler (Unknown) 09.07.2016 12:17
Hi Emil,

I wanted to place in a new silage pit and it doesn't crash if i dont change anything.



Emil Drefers (Unknown) 11.07.2016 07:43

that 'new silage pit' is probably an object which has been on that map before?
Or did you import it?

Anyhow, if you could give us steps for reproducing the problem we might be able to find the cause of it.


Lol Do Think I Woud Tell U (Unknown) 16.07.2016 20:50
ive been having the same problem when i was editing the terrain i saved and the editor crashed plz help

Mark Wheeler (Unknown) 17.07.2016 13:45

the silage pit is an object which is already on the map.



Meleanie Alexander (Unknown) 24.07.2016 03:30
this happens to me when i am using modmapsdk i cannot save map02 even though i didnt change anything

Kristoffer Toft Pedersen (kristoffertoft) 27.07.2016 00:47
hey there. im woking in a map, and then GE. crashing. now i cant open the game and it wont iven let me open it on another pc. i well give op soon.
i did not put any thing into the map, only mowe some buildings and a littel terrain edit.

Help meee PLZ.

Cole Behrendt (farmboy1998) 05.08.2016 06:34
I was wondering the same thing I have several versions of Giants editor to see if it would work or not but when I try to open maps with any of them they will glitch and the program will not even pop up. The only one that works is Giants editor 6.0.5, the others will just crash, but when I edited a map on 6.0.5 and I try to save it, well it crashes and comes up with Giants editor 6.0.4 has crashed, there isn't even a 6.0.4 out there was wondering what I need to do to fix it so I can start edit maps again, Thanks again and great product!

Edwin Wilks (Unknown) 08.11.2016 12:51
I can load maps but when i want to save my work. It tells me the 'Giants editor has stopped working' Anybody HELP!

Rick Rossman (limoman39) 08.11.2016 14:48
Same thing, when I save a map in 6.0.5 it says 6.0.4 and crashes at the beginning of game. I even tried just saving in GE with no changes, still crashes.

Good to see others with the same problem, Emil has helped me in the past. They will find the problem.

Great Product


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