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id3 file to big to open

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Created01.08.2016 00:20

Kent Magne (H8ggern) 01.08.2016 00:26

I have been making a map and now i can't open the id3 file. I found out that my id3 file is 1,1 gb.

In giants editor log i got this line: Error: Parse error in 'D:/Farming simulator 15 modding/Uferdige map mods/FS15_Tennessee/map/map01.i3d' at line 6167. out of memory.

The file is also to big to open in notepad++

I have spent many hours and wish to finish it, is it a way to make the file smaller?

Kent Magne (H8ggern) 01.08.2016 01:55
Luckily i found an old version i had deleted.

But i noticed that every time i save the i3d file it doubles the amount. I'm now on a file that is a litle over 600 mb, I saved the file as a test, used "save as" and saved it in another location, and that file was over 1 gb again.

Detlef Boevers - GIANTS Software 01.08.2016 14:30
Whith this error you have includes some Characters that not allowed.
Mostly some like äöüß ÄÖÜ or some Sign like the =)(/&%&$§"!_:;'*+# all the allowed Characters in Filenames, in Pathnames are the a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and Underscore _
Nothing of others are allowed. If you use some one of these your i3d will double the Memoryamount.

If you can open the i3d File with Notepad++, than search for a Line with overlenght, If there will be some Characters from Other Countries ;) you have find some place.

Your Name of Mod and Path of Modding is with more than one Space in Name? Change Spaces with _ and try again.

Kent Magne (H8ggern) 01.08.2016 16:09
Thank you so mush!

I found the mistake. I had used one of the scandinavian characters.

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