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include shapefile back to i3d

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Created19.08.2016 13:05

Dmitry Balobin (Unknown) 19.08.2016 13:09
How Ican do it? Subj

Thomas Fischer (tomsite) 20.09.2016 15:10
Export the Model (in case it is built into a larger mod or map). Open Giants Editor (do not double click on exported i3d!), import previously exported i3d file, select File-> Save as and give it a new name. Now the animations and shapes are readable inside the i3d. Be careful, the animations contain a bug, the first ">" is missing, re-add maanually (must be done each and every time, best is to verify after each save). Also the file will from this point onward always be saved with the shapes and animations inside the i3d as readable text. To change this you need to change the preferences of the Editor to write binary files again. The file is the editor.xml and the setting in question is <i3d force_external_binary_files="true" />. True will create the binary .shapes and .snim files, false will include the information in readable format inside the i3d.

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