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Created23.08.2016 23:18

Lucas Backen (luketo05) 23.08.2016 23:25
Good day everyone

Though my questions are mostly for Giants. i will post it here as it is multiple questions. First off i am wondering if Giants is going to release a new editor for modding the FS 2017. being as we received a different edition for FS15 from the one we had available for FS 13. My second question is if there is a starter map available that will be compatible with FS 17 when it releases. i have a map concept that i really want to try but i don't want to put all of the work into a map generated with Giants Editor 6.0.5 (i think) and not be able to import it into a newer giants editor. it would be heart breaking. if there is anyone that can point me in a proper direction so that i may dive into my own insanity and try to create my own map. i appreciate everyone that took the time to read my post and i hope u have a great day and happy farming..

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 29.08.2016 07:14

there will be a new set of modding tools (a new version of the GE).

You can always use the default map to create a mod map and mix that up with your old mod map fromt the last version.
e.g. you can re use the height and density maps and also buildings can be trasnfered


Lucas Backen (luketo05) 29.08.2016 18:30
Appreciate the reply thanks for getting back with me

Jannik Meissner (Unknown) 12.09.2016 13:47
I am wondering if the updated GE will be available on release or slightly ahead? I am building a map for '17 which I want to finish as close to release as possible and a few things can be done before he game is ready, mainly 3D models for buildings, terrain modelling and texturing.

Will the standard map size stay the same or change? (If you can or want to confirm already)?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 13.09.2016 07:13

the editor will be available on release, as always.

Jap, the default map has the same size as the 'old maps' (2km x 2km)


Matt Wheeler (cwboy) 15.09.2016 19:54
i have the new editor and dont know how to convert mods from 15 to 17 is there any videos of how to do it

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