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non-binary indexed triangle sets

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Created24.10.2016 19:06

Richard Zwemmer (LSNextGeneration) 24.10.2016 19:10
Hi there,

I have a object in the new Giants Editor 7.0.0.
When i open the fence i get this Warning

Warning: i3d contains non-binary indexed triangle sets: E:/Downloads/hekjes/hekvario/hek.i3d

I hope someone can help me with this warning.

Kind regards, Richard

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 25.10.2016 08:13

try to (re) save that file with your current version of the GE.
Maybe that will eliminate the error.
Otherwise you might need to eexport it again out of your 3D modeling program.


Jorn Hiel (fa285634) 30.10.2016 08:23
@Emil Drefers

I had te same issue with a mod i had my hands; and after an roundabout to blender and back it gave the same error. Then i saved the i3d as Binary instead of regular and reloaded and the notification is gone.

Could it be that this messege is just a standard warning of the editor stating a non-binary file is in use ?

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