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Created26.10.2016 14:52

Linear Shorter (Unknown) 26.10.2016 14:54
Does GIANTS Editor in other languages?
If not, what can be done to translate this program?
My native language is not English! Line translator Google.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 27.10.2016 08:57

the editor will always be in English language.
Actually, you do not need to unsderstand English fully, you only need to understand the keyowrds.


Linear Shorter (Unknown) 19.11.2016 06:10
No, I certainly understand in Giants editor, just wanted to have giants editor in your native language!

Linear Shorter (Unknown) 19.11.2016 06:13
Someone, please, write a post. :(

Linear Shorter (Unknown) 19.11.2016 06:14
Translation is possible in Giants Editor radialix 2, but it might take me a long time, all the strings are arranged in the hardcoded Giants editor. Do not move the developers of their resources in exe or create language ini files, lng, mo and others. Sorry maybe wrong words. I am writing from the Google Translator.

Linear Shorter (Unknown) 19.11.2016 06:30
I agree, wanted. Thomas A. (thediabl0). Wanted to translate into Russian (Russia). Farming Simulator 17 has already been translated into Russian.

Linear Shorter (Unknown) 21.11.2016 11:51
As - Farming Simulator 17 - 19 languages and giants editor - English only??? What are the reasons why you cannot do multilingual?

Thomas A. (thediabl0) 22.11.2016 12:34
Yes, is unfair, I offer to translate it into Spanish (Spain)

Linear Shorter (Unknown) 22.11.2016 13:17

Linear Shorter (Unknown) 23.11.2016 13:06

Linear Shorter (Unknown) 24.11.2016 15:50
Please create a post. Tired of waiting. :(

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