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Created28.10.2016 18:14

Jim Curtis (Bandit127) 28.10.2016 18:18
Thanks for the awesome new function New Mod From Game. Unfortunately I am not alone in having a small problem with the output.

The ModDesc.xml file does not contain the following information which prevents a new mod from appearing in the mods list.
1. No Title tags or content.
2. No Description tags or content.
3. The <iconFilename> tags exist but the value is missing.

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 30.10.2016 16:35
These are things you need to add once mod is created. It's not a one button there it is thing, It gives you the basic structure and you take it from there. This is where the fun of modding comes it to play, and you get to personalize it to your liking.

Samuel H. (modelleicher) 30.10.2016 17:16
Well, if the GE already creates the modDesc it could just fill it with sample values so the mod is playable ingame.. Sometimes you just want to test something of have a quick look ingame before going through and making sure everything has the proper values, descriptions names and stuff..

I don't know if its intended or a bug but feature says "New Mod from Game" so it isn't that far streched to hope for a functioning mod as output..

So i would be happy if this gets changed in a future Giants Editor version, too :)

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