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Editing index path possible?

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Created04.11.2016 21:21

Martin Huff (Unknown) 04.11.2016 21:29
Is it possible to quickly change the Index Path of transform groups, or any other objects for that matter? I have deciphered the Index Path, and would like to nest new transform groups within existing transform groups in a very large map file, so rclicking the transform in scenegraph and moving one spot at a time is incredibly arduous. The Index Path attribute is greyed out, so I can't just type it there, which tells me that it probably won't re-index automatically which would lead to problems. I'm used to working in Unity where objects can be drag and dropped to and from parent groups, and was hoping there is some similar functionality here that I am missing.

Samuel H. (modelleicher) 05.11.2016 18:43
I don't exactly get what you are trying to do, but..

The index path is made up by the position of the transform within the scenegraph.. So changing its position in the scenegraph will change the index path. I think you already were that far.. It doesn't work the other way around.

You can edit->cut a transform and edit->paste it into the transform you want it to be... Its probably as close as you can get to drag and drop in Giants Editor.

You can also edit->cut a whole bunch of transforms and edit->paste them back in to move things around in the scenegraph. (better experiment with this with having a backup..)

Another method would be to use scripting within the giants editor.
unlink(OBJECT ID);
optional if you want your transform at a specific index within the parent id

Which is basically the same as edit->cut and edit->paste just per script in case you want to automate it somehow..

Martin Huff (Unknown) 06.11.2016 01:09
Thanks, cut & paste works.

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