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Terrain world map size (unitsPerPixel)

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Created14.07.2010 17:23

Alex Shaw (Unknown) 14.07.2010 17:24
Hi folks,

Just a quick one while I consider making my first map.

What's the real world ground area/size of a map based on a 1024/1024 base?


Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 16.07.2010 09:25
The real size depends on the "unitsPerPixel" attribute of the terrain in the i3d. The real size then is unitsPerPixel*heightmapSize.

In the default Farming Simulator 2009 map, this is 2. Thus the map with a 1024x1024 heightmap will be 2048x2048 meters.

Alex Shaw (Unknown) 25.07.2010 08:50
Thank you.

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