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Wall Tip Collision

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Created07.11.2016 09:09

Julien Juju (jujuokl) 07.11.2016 09:12

Did someone have informations for create collisions in wall for stop silage/grain ? I'm making a map and my silage go through the wall. Thanks

Sorry for my english :/

Julien Juju (jujuokl) 13.11.2016 22:32
With the new version of GE, someone know how to do ?

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 13.11.2016 23:00
New script in 7.0.3 that's supposed to correct this is discussed in this thread.\

Anders Johansson (Zand3rs) 14.11.2016 02:49
Does not seem to do its job. I am having issues to!

Julien Juju (jujuokl) 14.11.2016 09:04
Thanks James, i test it before but always same issues, tip go through wall :(

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 15.11.2016 06:25
Julien, did you set the user collision attribute to the wall height? And you did have it generate a new ground collision right? Then open a new savegame to check?

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