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Crops in map after Sosnovka layout

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Created08.11.2016 17:04

Rasmus O (JamesWayne) 08.11.2016 17:06
Having problem with Sosnovka, I used it as a base for one of my maps i converted and the layout for the crops is intiated in to the map as if it were Sosnovka, although in GE it's not there to remove, any idea on how to change this?

Michael Hudson (Unknown) 08.11.2016 18:46
This is to do with missions, try removing all fields except field01

Rasmus O (JamesWayne) 08.11.2016 18:52
Do I remove this fields in the GE or in some XML file?

Michael Hudson (Unknown) 08.11.2016 21:14
Remove the fields in GE except field01

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 09.11.2016 00:02
Why do you have to have a field01 even if you have no fields yet, and how do you take the mission system out of your custom map if you don't want it to support missions?

Michael Hudson (Unknown) 09.11.2016 09:44
You leave one field so that you can place your field definitions, paint a field set Corner01_1 then Corner01_2 and finally Corner01_3.. This will then remove the last crop painted in Sosnovka.

There is no need to remove missions, the missions rely on field definitions.

Also buy leaving field01 you won't have insert the attributes which are confusing at the moment

Finally when you need field02 and so on you just duplicate field01 and rename it to what you want.

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 09.11.2016 09:56
Thank you so much Michael.

I really want to make this work, and I have maps I'm working on for FS15 too. You've just filled in a whole bunch of blanks for me. So from what your telling me, and I had already figured out the field definitions, the game engine figures the acreage from the dimensions you place in corners a, b, c, right?

Michael Hudson (Unknown) 09.11.2016 10:08
To work out the hectares look at Corner01_3. in attributes window you take Translate Z position number and multiply that by the Translate X position now divide by 12,400. this will give you the fields hectares.

Now in the user attribute window put in the number you got i.e 9.5 in the fieldArea box..

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 10.11.2016 02:21
Sweet! Thanx Michael, you've been a great help, and I'll pass it along once I have a good handle on it all too. That's what makes a good forum work.

Tarja Valic (Unknown) 10.11.2016 16:34
There is a far better way to find out the hectares,but we need .grle/.gdm converter for that,and for now grle converter doesnt work with .gdm files.
But when this become posible,you can make calculations thru program and magic wand tool,but no sense to explain,because we dont have tool to converte .gdm files in PNG image.

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 12.11.2016 11:03
How does this work out for right angle fields, or fields with one, or two slanted sides?

Michael Hudson (Unknown) 12.11.2016 14:13
Hi James, you need extra field dimensions.
Duplicate corner01_1 and rename Corner02_1 then Corner02_2 and finally Corner02_3.

There is a good explanation here:

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 12.11.2016 22:13
Thank's Michael, I had run into that problem, and I think I I see what your saying to do, but will read the other thread too. We don't have many fields in Battlefield, unless they have a bomb crater in the middle of them. ;-)

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 13.11.2016 01:40
Okay, checked out the UK site and forums, I'm joining because they have so much to offer compared to any American based site - forum simply because the game is not as popular over here as it is there, and Eastern and Western Europe. I see what you do now, break up the irregular shaped fields into two or more squares, and using the first corner as a reference via a parent child naming schema, corner01_1 becomes corner02_1 etc, cool.

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