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min for graphics card needed for GE

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Created09.11.2016 01:50

Trevor Ritter (duramaxman78) 09.11.2016 01:53
my laptop wont run GE so I'm thinking about getting a new one just wondering what the system requirements are for GE so ik I'm getting a computer that can support

current graphics card is and intel HD 3000 and I just get a grey screen when try to load anything into GE

Zach Database (zachco01) 09.11.2016 04:52
get a good desktop to edit in GE with a decent graphics card, laptops are such a pain. built my desktop for $600 and loving it every minute.

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 09.11.2016 10:09
I buy high end HP and Dell used workstations for cheap from one of my clients who recycles for the largest engineering company in the world. I'm running a ATi-Sapphire R480 8GB Nitro in my Precision T3500 for gaming, but I run an ATi Fire Pro V7800 2GB card in my HP z800 for editing games and such. It's an outstanding card to this day, Direct X 11 compliant, and has DDR 5 memory. It also plays FS17 well. You can get them for under $200 bucks nowadays, and new they were over $1000 plus.

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