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height maps and the maxsize a map can be

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Created09.11.2016 04:38

Zach Database (zachco01) 09.11.2016 04:46
What is the Max size a map can be to be able to play in FS17. im trying to set my height map png to a biger size but Im having issues the original is set at 1025x1025. I like to go Biger. i tried googling it and i came up with nothing.

Tarja Valic (Unknown) 09.11.2016 07:08
I explain that already on other thread here on the forum,you should check it out!
Here is the link:

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 09.11.2016 09:50
Great posts Tarja, thumbs up! I was looking for that very information.

While I have someone who seems to know something (take a hint Giants), do you have any idea why objects I've imported into my map lose their textures, or no longer even show up when reloading texture after save? I'm properly exporting them with parent directory files just like I'm supposed to, and sometimes I can get one to stay, but not often. I made maps for FS15, but this 7.0.2 GE isn't working for me.

Tarja Valic (Unknown) 09.11.2016 12:27
Giants editor 7.0.2 is for now very buggy piece of software LOL,it can be pain in the ass,for reals!
But for now i dont have this problem with textures.We can try this one more time,but in my way if you are willing to try,so here it is,my way(tested and working):

1.Create in your dekstop folder with name,whatewer you want,i mostly use folder named: "my objects",and then if you exporting objects from giants map,open that map.

2.On the map,you must select your objects and choose Export selection with files,and after that editor would ask you for destination for your files,and you must choose folder on the dekstop.

3.One word about parent directory:FORGET IT!

4.When editor ask you about that just select NO!,after that object would be transfered in you dekstop directory,with all files,shaders and textures,and you are almost done.

5.Copy or Cut the FOLDER from dekstop in the FOLDER "maps" in your mod map,and open the map in giants editor via options: FILE/Open Mod.You must select modDesc,of your mod map.

6.After you done all i said,you should be able to place any object on the map and open the map aftewords without missing textures.Thats it!


Zach Database (zachco01) 09.11.2016 16:45
thanks for the link but what is every size that can be used by the game without crashing or error out

Tarja Valic (Unknown) 09.11.2016 17:59
Zach 4x map is the biggest map you can make with 7.0.2 editor,so 2048x2048 you should stick with that,even in the editor 6 for FS 15,16x maps never work to good,and eating a lot of ram.Very often editor would crash,so any serios maping business on map that size is not to good experience!
After all 4x map is pretty big,and would take a lot of time to fill it out all spaces,and making the map that will look nice,and with some sense of order.
And remember one little thing that comes when you think about maps for giants engine:
It is always the power of two.So 1024x1024,2048x2048,or 4096x4096(for 16x map,and this will not work,and editor would crash).

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 10.11.2016 02:15
Ah HA! Tarja, I think I understand what's been happening now. By exporting the object with the "parent directory structure," we're confusing an already buggy editor by inserting the directory path structure of another map, and it doesn't know what to do with it. At least it now appears that's what's happening to me. Anyhow, and by adding the objects folder to the map directory under maps is something else I get because now when you import the object, it gets imported from the maps structure, sweet! As to opening the map-mod by the modDesc.xml, do you do that the first time only, or each and every time? That I kind of understand why, like an inf file kind of, but not fully. I can't wait to try this out tonight!

Edit: I guess you could add your imported objects map structure by say the maos they came from, right? For instance, Sosnovka/gasStationo1?

And Zach, I have to go with Tarja on this one having made large maps in Battlefield 1942 and BF2 (AIX) up to 4096, and not only are they a resource hog, they have limited special uses. They are best for aerial and naval maps, but 2048 is the max I would do in FS 15 & 17. As a better way to visualize the power of two is to think of a 2048 map as 4 1024 maps in a square with each side 2048 pixels (or in game it is 1 pixel = 1 meter in Battlefield).

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 10.11.2016 11:08
works like a champ Tarja, thank you sir!! Now if I can figure out why my T66 Big Bull tipper from FS15 to be able to be bought in the store, I'll be happy. I can get it to show up in the store, but when you buy it the sale never completes.

Tarja Valic (Unknown) 10.11.2016 15:21
No problem James,exept im not sir,LOL,im a girl hehehe :D
But i forgive you that for you try to make me a male :D,you are not only one,on bunch of different forums people are always confused when i tell them: Guys im a girl!
What????,you are kidding :D
That´s the way people think,what can we do heehe LOL
And about adding the objects,yes James you can name your folder whatewer you want,just dont let the editor to go with this PARENT shit,because if you do your object and textures would go all over the place,and then you cant tell which folder come with this or that object.
And always open maps or any other mod,with moddesc!

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 11.11.2016 04:38
Well how about Thank you mam! ;-)

It doesn't surprise me though, the name Tarja had a feminine ring to it, and you write well with good grammar which is something boys and young men don't often do. I have also found that girls - young ladies tend to be pretty sharp when it comes to code and modding, I worked with several young ladies who were not only great mappers and modders, but darn good players too, and they used to embarrassed the boys quite often. In their defense, a lot of the boys - young men were gentlemen, and tended to not, how should I say this, be as aggressive with their female counter parts, and got their butts kicked. Boys are kind of dumb that way and girls learn this at a very early age too. I have daughters and granddaughters. ;-)

Anyhow your a very helpful young lady Tarja, and that will do you well in your life, even though many will try to take advantage of your good nature, don't let it sway you, okay? Just some advise from a wise old man.
Your a very interesting person, I'm in Houston, Texas USA, I'm a programmer - Database Administrator, and I'm simi retired. Where in the world are you?

Tarja Valic (Unknown) 11.11.2016 15:37
Im from Croatia,southeast europe.And you gave me good advice,thanks,but for now im in happy mariage,with two kids,and pretty good job,so im happy.Texas is my favorite state,believe you or not,i like to watch rodeo riders on you tube,nice state.
i Would like to live on big ranch with horses,if i come in the states some day LOL
Im kinda like cowboys,and that type of men.
Thank you for your coment about my writing,cause english is not my first language,i always afraid to make some grammar errors,some people are very sensitive about that,and can be very rude.
Tarja is nordic name,you husband sometimes calls me a valkyrie,cause im fearless LOL

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 13.11.2016 07:19
Interesting, my name is of nordic decent too. Norred or Norrod is how it's spelled now, and pronounced like nor red. It comes form Norad or Norod with is derived from Noesnord, and from the area up behind Norway, and Sweden, and actually due East of where Estonia is now. So basically Russian, though the surname is found in Iceland too. But then again almost everybody in Europe, UK, Russia, and the Mediterranean are of Nordic decent, and a good portion of America because most of us here migrated from the UK and Europe, mine cam e for England in 1747, at 16, and an indentured servant on a tobacco plantation in what would become the state of Maryland in the newly formed America 29 years latter in 1776. What other forums do you visit? Beside here, I do the Giants Software Forums here, "" and fixing to join the UK site forums.

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