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4x map FS17

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Created13.11.2016 01:34

Jakub Pandadis (pandacze) 13.11.2016 01:39
Hello, can somebody help me with creating FS17 4x map? How are the best steps for get a bigger map than default is. I read some topics here, but I am confused. Can somebody write me an instruction how get FS17 4x map? Thanks so much.

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 13.11.2016 01:57
You have to scale (enlarge) the map01_dem.png to 4097x4097. Next, you have to resize the weight png's to 4096x4096, and last, and this is the kicker, you have to convert the density gdm's to png and resize to 4096x4096, and we don't have a converter to do this yet. Else your going to have to build one from scratch, but no one has been able to tell me how to do this in the editor, they just tell you to convert one of the default maps into what you want. Something else, when I tried to use a 4096 map the textures, foliage and what not became really flaky outside the 2048 box, and I don't think they've fixed that yet.

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