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Inability to paint a NavMesh for animals

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Created19.11.2016 22:20

Daniel Fredette (Unknown) 19.11.2016 22:24
I am trying to move the Sheep onto the farm on the Goldcrest map. I switch the info channel to 1 in the Info Layer Painting under Terrain Editor. I hit the Terrain Info Layer mode button. I have already changed my viewing settings to see the mech. The Left moose button appears to delete instead of add and the right moose button does nothing. I have tested all the other channels 0, 2, and 3. They do not appear to work either.

I am on a WIndows 10 computer using Giant Editor 64 bit version.

Rasmus O (JamesWayne) 20.11.2016 14:03
Have you put the LMB button to Add in the Terrain meny?

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