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Importing FS 15 fields into a FS 17 map

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Created20.11.2016 14:04

Rasmus O (JamesWayne) 20.11.2016 14:06
Hello, I have converted a map from FS15 to FS17 and I imported the old fields into the new map but the game thinks that this is Sosnovkas original so the game makes it with missions in them, how do I remove the missions from the fields?

Philip Coles (pinguar) 21.11.2016 10:50
hi take away the npcIndex this number is for the farmer missions

Ronni Adler (sushidelic) 21.11.2016 11:31

that's not the mission, thats the Tour. One Way i have find, delete the OnCreate at tourIcons (TourIcons.onCreate)


Ronni Adler (sushidelic) 21.11.2016 18:33
sorry, i have wrong reading you question. i have think you meen field 15 :)

you can make a Boolean Userattribute names fieldJobUsageAllowed at fielddefinition.
disabled are whitout missions at this field.

And/Or you must place the Corner right at your Fielddefinitions.

sorry, i don't speak good english :)

Michael Hudson (Unknown) 21.11.2016 18:41
Have a look a this thread and problem is solved:

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