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7.0.5 problem

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Created22.11.2016 21:37

Bernhard Eberhard (Unknown) 22.11.2016 21:41
If you create a new Map with the function: "New Mod from Game", you have to adjust the path ob the Stationcranes or you get a Error.

The $ is missing in the path of the Stationcranes since Giants Editor v7.0.4.

Keith Windsor (alfiecat) 23.11.2016 12:28
I also noticed a problem with the cranes when I imported the crane into my map.
It could not read the address properly, and my map failed to load (maybe a connection to your problem?)
To solve it I created the folder data/vehicles/train and copied stationcrane.xml into it, it seem to have fixed it for now at least.

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 25.11.2016 08:46
I both of you are kidding right? I can barely navigate- move around in ver 5. When trying to use WASD, or with the Alt key - mouse, and it extremely jerky, and you have to keep tapping the key, all the while throwing all kinds of errors during this from the WASD keys, and Alt keys. I haven't been able to use it enough to even get to the errors y'all are speaking of. I started out with the first version, and now at version 5, and every time they try to fix something, they break something else. I'm so frustrated I'm just about to the point of giving up, and looking for another game to mod, damn! I really wanted to make a map or two, but I don't think they're ever going to fix this darn editor.

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