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7.0.2 giants. changed the foliage layer for new fields but problem in game.

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Created22.11.2016 22:41

Tony Anderon (tonymanfu) 22.11.2016 22:47
i changed the fields in giants editor, did all the foliage layers i needed to and deleted all the fields but field #1 etc. the problem i am having is when i play the map in game i placed a field where a lake was now any time an implement makes a windrow it stops where the lake was and starts again where the lake stops. same problem where the roads were. very frustrating. i have deleted all the lake data that i could find in giants editor same with the road. no change in game. any help with this would be very great. thanks in advance.

Tobias F (JD6930) 23.11.2016 07:20
You have to edit the TipCol-Info-Layer of the map.

Jim Yaris Bo (Unknown) 23.11.2016 10:31
how do you edit the tip col? have the same issue

Tony Anderon (tonymanfu) 24.11.2016 02:53
Tobias. Thank you very much i was able to figure it out from what you said and other threds on forum. Jim i wish i could say for sure what it was i did that was the key but try looking here ( it helped me after Tobias said tip-Col-info-layer

its basically like the info layer for the animals. its a drop down menu in the info layer panel. as far as what file to edit out side of giants editor i think i just got lucky with some copy and pasting.

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