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Created25.11.2016 14:00

Linear Shorter (Unknown) 25.11.2016 14:02
Who will create the post?

Bernard Chazot (BernardC) 25.11.2016 21:04
you still created some lol, you can go on to rant , blame, and cry and spam this forum as a capricious baby.
English is not my native langage, i used GE since version 4.1.7 which was coming with FS2011, and that never disturbed me though my english is poor...

What is your real problem with GE, are you totally unable to use it??

Linear Shorter (Unknown) 25.11.2016 22:27
There is just beginning to annoy the English. A desire to translate it. At first, it was impossible. I decided to seek help from developers. And I'm happy to translate it. I first translate the application, and then I'll use it.

Linear Shorter (Unknown) 27.11.2016 14:42
Where developers giants editor? They are here?

Linear Shorter (Unknown) 01.12.2016 19:49
Whatever happened to the developers? They have 15 days no! Emil Drefers.

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