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Combine Harvester XML File question

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Created06.12.2016 20:34

Thom Van Den Akker (Unknown) 06.12.2016 20:37

So I'm making a mod that adds a new Combine Harvester to the game but now I have to know how do I define which headers it is allowed to use. The only thing I can find which is somewhat close to is this part of the XML:

<combination>PowerFlow, HS12</combination>

But I doubt putting PowerFlow and HS12 there would do the trick, also, if I were to have a custom header which may only attach to my new harvester, how would I define that in here, or would that part of the XML have to go inside the XML of the header? If so, I did not yet look at the header.

EDIT: It seems my assumptions are wrong. It is indeed enough by simply setting the name of the combinations that are allowed to attach,

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 07.12.2016 00:29
fyi: the tag <combination> is for display in shop only. See it as recommendation.
Which cutter is really attachable depends on the attacherJoint "cutter" - and this have all cutters. ;)

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