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Creating roads like in Official map

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Created07.12.2016 07:40

Ormsher Ormsheriukas (Ormsher) 07.12.2016 07:42
Hello. Currently working on a map and noticed that in official maps or Lossberg (map on modhub) roads are one object. Maybe anyone know how to create them? Tried creating them in maya but i am missing info how to do it. Thanks

Ormsher Ormsheriukas (Ormsher) 07.12.2016 12:21
Found that you can make roads like these with SplineStreetConstructor from Modhoster, but all videos on youtube are in german or russian. Maybe someone have some info or tutorials on this?

Lloyd Boyette (Unknown) 14.12.2016 02:20
I haven't been able to find one. I am still doing my roads old school. Cut, Paste, Repeat.

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