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Created18.12.2016 16:06

Ekkehard Kohfeld (EKohfeld) 18.12.2016 16:07
Hello excuse Google translator.
Is it possible to make more spline after finishing the track to one?
On long stretches it may make sense to divide these into individual sections possibly something is wrong or later something is changed is not always the whole route to edit or also completely to make at the train and only when everything o.k. Is to make together. Or even with the vehicles is not really simple getting the ends
To match the place synonymous which if the themselves would snap together (snap) also not bad.

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 20.12.2016 10:10
Each train system has to be a closed loop to work. to open an already closed spline have it selected (highlighted) and hit the "O" key. To close it hit the "O" key again. The train appears with the front end right over the Start_End junction with the cars behind it in the End direction when spawns. You can set the number and type of car in the maps trainSystem.xml file in the maps directory. You have to change the user attribute in the editor for that trainSystem from $data/maps/trainSystem.xml to maps/trainSystem.xml to see the changes (else it loads the stock file from root instead of the one in your map you've edited.

Ekkehard Kohfeld (EKohfeld) 20.12.2016 10:40
"I know everything, so the question was not so, but not a spline but several behind each other whether one can also make together to one so that you can make the route only once in sub-sections to edit and then they all together
And do not always have to edit the whole route. "
But the Google translator is not good what the translated is after the back translation not to use.So understand the no stop.Which but no other way?

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 21.12.2016 06:06
Your talking about "training" splines one behind the other I think, and no, I don't think that would work. Why do that when you can do one spline just the same. Now in theory you could combine two loops by disconnecting each, and join then each to the opposite loop making one big loop out of two, but when you you don't have a complete spline loop, and try to enter the map in game, if it even loads, your pda, and stuff flickers or doesn't show at all plus errors.

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