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Could not create OpenGL viewport on Bootcamped 2013 Macbook 15", need help.

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Created18.12.2016 21:44

Orrin Finnefrock (Unknown) 18.12.2016 21:49
Hey guys,
So I have a 2013 MacBook Pro 15" that's is running Windows 10 through the Mac boot camp system. When I go to actually run the editor I get the error message saying "Could not create OpenGL viewport."

I've seen people saying this is indicative of needing to upgrade your "PC" but here's the thing. My 10 year old Windows PC can run the editor no problem, yet this Mac is guns blazing with every possible graphics and RAM upgrade from the factory. It runs SolidWorks 3D modeling software, and AutoCAD with no issue at all. So I'm really surprised it cannot run the Giants Editor.

Is there a way around this or some 3rd party software I can install?

Benjamin Kuhn (Unknown) 25.01.2017 10:08
i've installed the newest Update from nvidia and now I have the same problem

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