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Created16.09.2010 17:54

Jakob Fogh (Unknown) 16.09.2010 18:02

Would it be possible to make the scripting window in Giants Editoable to show Static actor mved errors..?

I'm an admin from the Danish farmingsimulator community and our politic is that we only upload mods with 0 errors but when it comes to maps we often find maps with hundreds of static actor moved errors and it takes weeks to clean a map for static actor moved errors mostly because we need to find the error delete and check if the log file is getting smaller and then go open the map in GE again and then correct the error and then it would be nice if the scripting window in GE could show that error so we can edit with out leaving GE...

Hope you understand my English.


Jakob Fogh aka Fogh_12 Co-admin

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 20.09.2010 09:23

These errors are logged in the latest GIANTS Editor version, which will be released along with the Farming Simulator 2011.

Normally these error are caused by a scaled transform group with static shapes inside.
Thus you could search for "scale" values in the scenegraph with some text editor. Only these parts are relevant to your problem. Using this you can already exclude quite a a lot of the transform groups.

Jakob Fogh (Unknown) 23.09.2010 16:55
sounds perfect thank you for your answer and regarding the scale issue thanks for the advise that should make the job a lot easier... :D

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