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Created08.01.2017 21:01

Jakub Pandadis (pandacze) 08.01.2017 21:10
Hello, I am working on 4x map to FS17 and after 2 days work, editor stop work. :/ When i try open .i3D file of my map, it crash on start. I tried reinstall editor and tried older version, no work too. NO-Edited 4x map start without problems. It means that I lost all my work on map?

Nico Lardon (Kohlzz) 09.01.2017 03:37
You also deleted the files in local? Usually in C/Users/"username"/AppData/Local and delete the giants folders.

Jakub Pandadis (pandacze) 09.01.2017 16:50
Thanks you for answer, but this doesnt help me too. :/

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