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Created15.01.2017 18:37

Fredrik Aarsteinsen (beserker91) 15.01.2017 18:38
how to publish mod when its greyed out after i open it ?. if u open mod from a zip file and start another it will work. but not if i save and open it later

Fabrice Varenne (Unknown) 15.02.2017 10:28

Fabrice Varenne (Unknown) 15.02.2017 10:28
same problem for me!

Christian Wick (iamchriswick) 02.02.2019 02:04
same issue. any luck?

Kenn Cooper (Unknown) 11.02.2019 19:13
Ok.. I am sure there is another person who knows vastly more then I do when it comes to using this..ahem.. editor but I will share what notes I have scribbled on publishing thus-far. Before doing ANYTHING, of course, Back up your shi--- stuff somewhere safe and though diligence in keeping your files somewhat organized won't earn you a cookie, but it will keep workflow in the fwd direction for sure.

When opening a mod map (.i3d) file or any .i3d file for that matter (not opening mod file .zip) within the giants editor results in the the publishing option greyed out. For reasons of forced error checking my guess, maybe, or humor. This is 'my' direct workaround regardless.

'Save' your scenegraph or mod or whatever into an empty folder somewhere. Go to your desktop file browser and browse to the location of this folder. (Get assuming you don't have) Right click the file-folder that your .i3d file is saved in, select "7-zip , Add to "whatever it" and stomp on it. After the nerds are done working, verify that that the mods filename follows "FS_19_xxxxxxx" format. Then chuck that .zip file into the games mod folder, and voila. That is the most direct way to get a mod into the game. But be warned, this should only be used for mods which DO NOT contain any errors, used for streamlined quick fixes and the like. I don't claim responsibility for what havoc this may do to the engine if ram-shackled in this manner. For error checking, publishing, and meta data follow below. (AKA the RIGHT way)

You will need a "ModDesc" xml. in that folder. Look at other mods for the engineering of that. Its composition is different from objects to maps etc. You will need to open the .i3d file, the modDesc file and the .xml in an editor and fix any errors found in directing which texture file to use, and so on. The modDesc file should have a 'type and "description" in it minimally.

Open the compressed file you just made via the 'open mod' feature within the editor, and it will prompt you to overwrite your old working folder. DO NOT let it do this. Append the name of the working folder with an "_old". This is done mid-process. Go back to the editor and proceeed with the directory creation. After decompressing and if the computer likes your XML wizardry you should note now the publishing feature is now active. The editor publisher is the route I use to add meta-data within the mod itself. It is a re-compiler essentially and a error checker. 7zip just compresses mindlessly.

By working folder for those who are confused, select a mod file, right click and uncompress it (extract it). The folder it is extracted into to is what I am calling the mods 'working' folder.

When publishing, ensure to SAVE the scenegraph contents in question BEFORE publishing. Editing the screen just holds the edits in computer memory, and does not touch the folder files. Saving commits your changes to the directory, publishing commits that directory to a .zip file.

I hope this helps. Cheers.

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