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Terrain Texture Paiting problem

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Created18.01.2017 17:46

Alex Willson (Unknown) 18.01.2017 17:53
Hello guys.. Can you help me please.. Yesterday In Giants Editor i was painted terrain with gravel, i was saved my map,i was wrapped it to zip and put it to mods.. After start game i create new save and start my map.. Everything was saved but i didnt saw gravel terrain paint. Can you tell me if you know what i must to do when i want fix that ? Thx 4 answer and here is the link 4 picture: - 1st image is from Giants Editor and 2nd imageis from game

William Rowe (Bonger76) 18.01.2017 22:26
make shure to empty shader_cache and remove all saved games of that map and the saved gameBack ups they can give you problems and check for errors in GE console and game log.

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