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Add sound to LightSwitch lever

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Created24.01.2017 18:31

Julien Juju (jujuokl) 24.01.2017 18:34

I add in my map the Beiser Tunnel from BlackSheepModding and there is a sound when turn on/off the light. It work very good in my map, but when I copy/paste the lever for an other light for other building, I don't have the sound in it. In AnimatedObject.xml it's same lines than tunnel but I dont have sound.
There is something else to do for have sound ?

Julien Juju (jujuokl) 26.01.2017 18:03
Help please

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 26.01.2017 19:07
Best bet: ask the guys at BlackSheepModding.
Here at GDN the people can only guess what's wrong.
I guess: there's something wrong in your file pathes, or a file is missing at all.

Tony Price (brownthumb) 27.01.2017 15:29
have found that there are a few things that will not work if you duplicate them, it won't get all the files, would suggest that you click on the part that you want to use and export selection with files and click yes in the box that pops up, then just import it every time you have a place for it.

Julien Juju (jujuokl) 28.01.2017 09:36
Thx for your answers, I try to export/import but still no sound, I can't see where is the problem now..

Julien Juju (jujuokl) 05.02.2017 10:25
I try with others levers but same thing still no sound :/

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