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The big water plane secret

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Created30.01.2017 19:02

Gerrit Geldenhuys (masepoes) 30.01.2017 19:24
Sorry if I sound sarcastic but it seems to be some sort of secret how to create a water plane from scratch. There's just nothing on the web. I use Blender for modeling and I have Photoshop CS6 for texture editing. I would really appreciate any help as I want to put a round water plane in a concrete water holding dam, the type you see next to a borehole windmill. I have tried creating a plane in Blender and exporting it as an i3d. Then add materials in GE material editor (same textures as used by the water p-lane in FS 17). Added the attribute onCreate/Envonment.onCreateWater in user attributes but I still only see a grey plane. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Rob Van Den Berg (thudge) 08.03.2017 12:43
Gerrit, a bit late, but who knows.
No (diffuse) textures involved when creating a waterplane, though you do need a material. did you add the shader too (to the material) ? Did you create the correct type for the user attribute, should be scriptCallback ? Check the ingame map01.i3d and search for water_mat material ?

Gerrit Geldenhuys (masepoes) 08.03.2017 19:25
Hi Rob. Better late than never. Thanks for answering. I've build maps before but never had to make a round water plane so never bothered with it. I will have a look at this.


Josh Mcclung (Bobcat_Logger) 27.10.2018 00:20
Was this ever solved? I am currently trying to make a large waterplane. I have gotten the plane to act like water in game but the color is just gray. No depth to the water only shadow under the plan. I just created a plane in blender, sub-divided the plane into 10 sections. Added a defualt material to the plane then exported. Opened in Giants Editor and saved as a binary to get the shapes file. I then opened up in notepad++ and removed the static parts so it no longer had a Ridgid body. Everything matches up in Giants Editor between my plane and the defualt plane. Only difference I can find is when they are opened in notepad++. The materials is slightly different but that's all. Thanks for any help.

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