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Infolayer.grle not loading in GE

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Created03.02.2017 14:10

Ben Gray (bnjgray87) 03.02.2017 14:13
So I've been working away in GE, editing a map and everything was fine until I tried to import the density files from the save. The reason for doing so was so that we dont have to do a reset on our work when I completed the edit. I know that someone has done this for us before but ive never attempted it myself.
Fast forward and having copied the files over, all the field dont have cultivated textures but painted grass textures and on top of this the infolayer is no longer available to select as well as terrain detail. Is there a way to fix this?

Ben Gray (bnjgray87) 03.02.2017 14:18

Ben Gray (bnjgray87) 03.02.2017 14:18

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