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Flower grass removal.

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Created12.02.2017 18:20

Dave Maloney (sebmoc) 12.02.2017 19:03
I have been trying to remove flower grass from alongside the tunnel to place a second storage building. For days I have been trying and reading post after post on how you are supposed to do it but nothing seems to work. Maybe here I will get an answer that actually works. I can go no further until I do this as I edited a map for two or three hours and deleted because of this issue. Someone must know how to remove this grass so it will not show through gravel etc.

Many thanks in advance of getting a response.

Must also apologise for post title two other times. Being a newbie here I did not think it was posting as I did not think of going all the way to the bottom of the page. Again, I must apologise.

Tony Price (brownthumb) 13.02.2017 05:10
in terrain edit area make sure you have one of your mouse buttons set for subtract, then pick grass in your texture layer dropdown, then pick what kind of grass in foliage layer dropdown , then choose terrain foliage paint mode at top of screen, put your target circle or square on the grass you want gone, hit subtract button grass is gone.

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